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Women Entrepreneurs / Corporate Women – Discover “Can I Really Be Paid That Much?”

“If you want to permanently change your financial destiny, you must consciously change your money beliefs.” – Melissa Cappleman

Are you a woman who wants to climb the corporate ladder, but you find yourself caught in a pattern of being afraid to ask for that promotion?

Are you a female entrepreneur with a fabulous product or service, but you’re uncomfortable raising your rates and getting paid what you’re worth?

Are you burning out from working too many hours and lacking balance in your life?

I can help.  My new Can I Really Be Paid That Much? Bootcamp is designed just for you!  I will lead you step-by-step to resolve the money issues that are holding you back in your career and life. This money beliefs transformation will free you to step into your unique brilliance, allowing you to succeed and live the happy, balanced life of your dreams.

I’m Melissa Cappleman.  In March 2007, I launched my debt-free coaching business, Coach Melissa.  I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years, engaging directly with them to curb their spending habits and determine a reasonable budget for them, so they can save money and pay off their debt.  Working with them in this manner, I discovered that many of them also needed to address underlying money beliefs that were sabotaging their efforts and keeping them poor.  I realized that many of us struggle with the emotions behind handling and earning money.  We have many universal and individual money beliefs and fears that are preventing us from getting ahead, regardless of our income level or how many hours we dedicate to our work.

It’s time to forgive yourself for your past money mistakes, move forward and create your millionaire mindset.

Introducing … Can I Really Be Paid That Much? Bootcamp

This 6-week webinar series covers:

Week 1 – You Come First

  • Demonstrating respect for yourself
  • Taking care of yourself first isn’t selfish
  • Go ahead & rock the boat
  • Basement people vs. balcony people

Week 2 – Creating Your Millionaire Mindset

  • Demonstrating respect for money
  • Money beliefs that keep you poor vs. millionaire money beliefs
  • Rewiring your money beliefs for success
  • Your financial set point

Week 3 – Expressing Your Values

  • Forgive yourself for past money mistakes
  • Live in line with your real values
  • How are you repelling money?
  • Having integrity with yourself

Week 4 – Getting Out of Your Own Way

  • How to stop playing small & get out of your own way
  • Are your money beliefs causing your pain?
  • Avoiding overwhelm
  • Millionaire habits
  • What’s your formula for success?

Week 5 – Goals & Support Systems

  • Values vs. goals
  • Chaotic vibration
  • Your fantastic life
  • Your support network

Week 6 – Your Soul’s Work

  • What fills your soul?
  • Love what you do
  • Expressing your values in your work
  • Getting your needs met for the rest of your life

For each of the 6 classes in the series, the webinar will last about 45 minutes.  After I’m finished delivering the content, I’m happy to answer any immediate questions for an additional 10-15 minutes, which would bring us to the top of the hour.  I’ve tried to accommodate everyone’s schedules by offering the classes around lunchtime in North and Central America.  If you need to jump off at any point, it’s no problem.  I’ll record each of the classes & send you a link to the re-play.  In case you would prefer to simply join by telephone, I’ll also provide a teleconference number.  No matter your needs, I hope to be able to accommodate you.

Are you ready to change your negative money belief patterns, now, so you can be paid what you’re worth?  Of course you are!

Here is the audio for my free call Can I Really Be Paid That Much?

Classes Start November 12th at 11:00 Pacific.  Sign up Now.

Our Guarantee:  If you’re not satisfied with the value you received from the bootcamp, contact me within a month of the end date of the series & I will refund your purchase price in full.

I believe so strongly in charitable giving and the feeling of gratitude and satisfaction that it brings to the giver, that I give 5% of the price of my programs to the charity of the participant’s choice in their name.