Hello, I’m Melissa Cappleman.  In March 2007, I launched my debt-free coaching business, Coach Melissa.  I’ve collaborated with hundreds of clients over the years to manage their budget, reduce their spending, and show them how to live on less than they make.  I’ve mediated productive family discussions, to help families make the best choices for all involved.  I’ve shown them step-by-step how to manage bill collectors, pay off their debt and avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy.  I’ve helped them determine the type of term life insurance and retirement savings that would be the best fit. I’ve illustrated for them how to give to charities and plan for college without breaking the bank.

Working with clients in this manner, I discovered that many also needed to address underlying money beliefs that were sabotaging their efforts and keeping them poor.  I realized that they often struggle with the emotions behind handling and earning money. I found that we have many universal and individual money beliefs and fears that are preventing us from getting ahead, regardless of our income level or how many hours we dedicate to our work.  That’s why I’ve developed this new program, Blessed & Rich.

I am proud to be a spiritual prosperity expert.  I work with spiritually-open female entrepreneurs and women in corporations who struggle with the value they bring to their work.  They have emotional blocks that keep them playing small in all areas of their lives.  I help women resolve their mixed emotions behind handling and earning money, to free them to step into their unique brilliance, allowing them to succeed and live the happy, balanced life of their dreams.

I’ve been told that what makes me a great coach is that I’m gently straightforward, knowledgeable, and non-pretentious. I ask out loud the questions you’ve been pondering, and I talk about the issues you see but are afraid to bring up. I break tasks into bite-sized, easily digestible pieces. Perhaps most importantly, I know where you’re coming from, because I’ve been there myself, and I want to help you get where you want to be.

I love helping and the reason I’m creating this business is simple.  I want to support women in supporting their families and reaching for the stars.  When women have enough of an increase in their income that their household needs are met, they feel able to give of their money, time, and talents.  I firmly believe that financially affluent women are focused on future generations, rather than just the here and now.  They want to build community and make the world a better place.  In fact, statistics from the United Nations show that women represent the overwhelming majority of the world’s poor.  Even when they are employed, they typically earn less than men.  Many microloan organizations have shown that even women in impoverished countries are more likely to spend their income in a productive manner, with an eye to the future, all the while lifting up the entire community.

I believe so strongly in charitable giving and the feeling of gratitude and satisfaction that it brings to the giver, that I give 5% of the price of my programs to the charity of the participant’s choice in their name.